First Things to Do Before You Call the Bangkok with a Computer Not Working

If you are living in Thailand and are having problems with your MacBook computer – you are in luck as there is a good MacBook repair shop [ร้านซ่อม MacBook, which are the term in Thai] located in Bangkok. Often when your computer isn’t working there might be a quick fix – something that is quite simple for the technicians to repair. If you call them, often they can talk you through some things to do to get your computer back up and running. There are many common problems that can be fixed quickly. So, call and talk to a tech before making a trip to Mac Studio.

Power Cycle

Most computer users have heard the line “have you tried turning it off and on again?” And it is not a stupid question and probably the first thing any user should do when they first notice trouble. Restarting your computer will boot the operating system again. If anything has crashed and is slowing the Mac down or if a function is having trouble working, most of the time a restart will fix it.

What will it fix?

Any computer tech says that on and off will fix almost anything. If you have been having problems with your Mac, give it a restart. In this age where most of us use portable computers, it is so easy to forget that sometimes the first thing to do is restart as the first troubleshooting step. Or you can simply close the lid allowing the system to go to sleep, but this does not count as a shutdown as it will resume quickly where it left off.


If you don’t know the last time your Mac was restarted, open the terminal and then enter “uptime” and press enter. This shows you how long your Mac has been running in its current session of OS X for. Restarting the Mac will reset this. The time is display as days, hours, minutes.

Do these things before calling into Mac Studio.