What You Should Know About The Iot

The Internet Of Things (IoT) is a term that defines all devices or materials that are enabled with the internet wireless network. These objects or devices are composed of wireless network sensors connected all over them which makes up the IoT.  These devices are equipped with sensors (that enables them to understand and decode environmental conditions ), computer systems (foe handling complicated programs ) and communication interfaces (wired /wireless )- all these are the composition of elements that make up the IoT.

IoT turns our everyday objects into smart, intelligent objects, makes them addressable, recognizable, readable and controllable through the use of the internet.

Brief examples of the IoT

Various forms of devices can be connected to the internet of Things ranging from simple accessories to ordinary devices and sophisticated devices too.

On the simple aspect,

The use of the Auto-ID tag as a tracking number for packages sent out from UPS. Example of these tags are QR codes, RFID codes, barcodes, NFC .with the aid of these tags, one can keep track of packages from anywhere and at any point in time.

On the complex aspect

The use of sensors installed into machines to send warming signal to manufacturers in the factory, indicating that something is not going right in the manufacturing process. Widely used in large machinery factories, this IoT can help decrease the injury rate in the manufacturing industry and the same vein increase profit.

IoT limitations

The limitations of  IoT technology  (เทคโนโลยี IoT which is the meaning in that) sprouts from the inability to interconnect all IoT devices to a single channel of communication where all IoT devices can enjoy productive and efficient communication. However, this has proven to be a challenging venture, which is why an already existing platform(website of things WoT)which enables this is widely used