Veteran Marketers Selling on the Internet For the First Time – Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

You are a veteran marketer? You were an “off-line marketer”? If the answer is yes and if you are selling on the internet for the first time then you must know selling on the internet is a different ball game from off-line marketing. Selling on the internet is not an uphill task if you have the right mindset and system.

If you are new to internet marketing then you should unlearn what you think you know about marketing. You must have the right mindset before your venture into internet marketing. You must love to share. Share your passion, share your knowledge, share your interest, your hobby, your expertise, your stories….and in return the World Wide Web will reward you handsomely for sharing. This is the key to make money online.

To be successful in selling on the internet you must plan to succeed. At the outset, it is advisable to have an internet marketing business plan for you to stick to your plan. Write down your plan and execute your plan.

You must understand the foundation of internet business before you start your internet marketing journey. This is a model where you are capitalizing on a global marketing medium to promote or sell a product or services. Internet marketing is actually a marketing system which leverage on global information medium to provide a solution to various problems.

You should understand the basic components of an internet business structure as follows:

1. Problems;
2. Offer;
3. Solutions; and
4. Traffics/Visitors

When you initiate your internet marketing and selling on the internet, you must create values to each of these components.

When you market online, you must utilize the correct approach. You make money online by providing a solution to your niche customers so that they could resolve their problems. Basically you are selling a solution to a problem. Your online customers will pay for your product or service in order for them to resolve their problem.

Do you need to know every single thing about selling online before you start your internet marketing? No. You just need to know enough and start the ball rolling. Take the first step, start first, apply what you have learned and refine it accordingly along the journey of making money online. Do not get overwhelmed with the information on the internet and paralyzed yourself by not taking any action.

Focus on one thing at a time. You only move to a new approach after you have accomplished your plan. Have a clear goal of what you want to achieve and manage your time to accomplish it.

The ultimate secret for internet marketing is use a successful systematic process. Follow what the successful internet marketers have done. Apply their model. Don’t sway from the existing systems until you have seen the result. You may improvise the system only after you have reap the fruitful result and start earning decent money online.