Using Instagram As A Platform For Advertisement

Instagram is a social network that pumps for some time, being the social network, most used worldwide! The platform has entertaining features that allow an interactive environment, where creativity and innovation reign in the different ways of using the features. Here are some of the benefits and formats when using the social media platform: Instagram to advertise your products:

The Main Benefits Of Running Ads On Instagram Ads:

  • High interactivity and engagement: network resources such as Stories, Stickers, GIFs, and filters which users can create themselves are differentials of this social network. They make it possible in a practical and fun way for users to interact with their content, an excellent alternative for those looking for more engagement and proximity to the public;
  • Broad reach: to be the social network most used, Instagram is also a great way to increase the reach and brand recognition, mainly through the dissemination of suitable ads, which can be shared in the Stories of users;
  • Audience targeting: Just like Facebook, Instagram also offers different ways of targeting the audience to have more assertiveness in your ads.

To create and serve ads in Stories and Instagram feed, and Facebook, you can use the Ads Manager and choose the specific marketing objective to work on Instagram and the audience you want to reach.

An exciting feature of the manager is the possibility of saving the targeted audiences of a campaign to use in several others!

See the ad formats you can use on Instagram:

  • Images (in Instagram stories, feed, and explore);
  • Video (in Instagram stories, dinner, and study);
  • Carousel (in stories and feed);

Tip: One of the formats that generate the most engagement on the network is Instagram Stories. The potential of this format is vast and can bring the best results for your brand!

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