Understanding Archiving In Enterprises

Enterprise SMS archiving is critical and they receive large amounts of data via email, social media, text, and SMS. Each byte can breach regulatory compliance and disrupt normal business operations. Enterprise information archiving moves inactive, structured, and unstructured business data to a central, regulatory-compliant storage accessible for the long term. It ensures compliance with corporate retention policies, improves system performance, reduces costs, and simplifies eDiscovery.

Atext message archiving solution company can help you secure your company’s information They also offer advanced features for: 

  • EDiscovery
  • Litigation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Governance and Control 
  • Integration 

Ediscovery and Litigation 

Companies that are at the enterprise level can be a target for litigation. LeapXpert’s eDiscovery platform is the best. It allows legal departments of enterprises to respond quickly to inquiries or prepare for future litigation.

Regulatory Compliance

Enterprises must comply with all regulatory requirements, including FINRA, SEC, EEOC, and other industry-specific regulations.

LeapXpert offers:

  • Real-time capture of all outgoing and incoming communications
  • Administrators can create custom retention policies
  • To satisfy regulatory requirements, create an audit trail.

Governance and Control 

The challenge of maintaining separate business personas for business conversations increases as instant messaging and communication become more intertwined with everyday life. LeapXpert provides businesses with a complete view of customer-employee communication. It doesn’t capture private or personal messages.

Enterprises can now manage business communication with enhanced modules such as Information Barriers/Ethical Walls or Data Leakage Prevention. This allows them to send customers messages, images, and videos and keeps everyone safe, professional, compliant, and compliant.


LeapXpert integrates seamlessly with some of the most popular communication platforms, including WhatsApp, WeChat and Microsoft Teams, Signal, Telegram, and Slack. LeapXpert also supports voice infrastructures (VoIP, PSTN). Customers and employees can use these apps to make secure, compliant voice and messaging calls.

LeapXpert can also be integrated with other business-critical applications such as CRMs and single sign-on, access management, bots, and many more.

Partner With LeapXpert! 

As a business owner, you must be responsible for securing your business communication; connecting with LeapXpert would ensure that! Contact them here for more information.