Two Way Radios Vs. Walkie Talkie: What’s The Difference?

Most of us have experienced using a walkie talkie at least once during our youth. Today, many people use the term two way radio and walkie talkie interchangeably thinking they are the same thing. If you thought the same, it is time to unlearn this misconception and get the names right, or risk offending a two way radio user.

Here are the main differences between the two that are worth learning about when you are planning to rent two way radios:

All About The Marketing

The confusion between the two terms, two way radio and walkie talkie is common all around the world. People seem to accept both names but when it boils down to it, there is a difference in marketing.

Walkie talkies, for instance, are used more for children’s toys, making them less appealing to professionals. Hobbyists and businesses with very simple and basic needs tend to use the term walkie talkie for their communication device.

However, two way radios is a term more commonly used for a highly functional product that is used by professionals and serious businesses. When it comes to terminologies, just remember who you are talking to and what they plan on using the radio before choosing one over the other.

Frequencies And Range

Walkie talkies tend to have a pre-programmed frequency where they can work the best. These frequencies do not have a very wide range and are often susceptible to signal interruption. Often, walkies are limited to a specific area where the signal is strong, otherwise, the connection will be lost or at best unclear.

When it comes to two way radios, their main function as the name suggests is to send and receive radio signals. This allows for a better signal range and a more secure line of communication. This is why two way radios are preferred by professionals over the walkie talkie.

The Same, But Not Really

Although the function of both a walkie talkie and two way radio is somewhat the same, they are still different in their own way. In essence, all walkie talkies are technically two way radios because it can send and receive radio signals. However, not all two way radios can be classified as a walkie talkie because many models require a base to enhance its signal and give the device more power.

The Stigma Behind “Walkie Talkies”

Due to its name and main marketing efforts, professionals who are looking for a legitimate two way radio frown upon the use of walkie talkies. Its very juvenile sounding name and how it is often marketed as a children’s toy makes it less professional.

Do Your Research

Yes, it is still confusing and many still interchange walkie talkie with two way radio which can make choosing one over the other complicated. When you are looking to rent two way radios for use, it is best to do more in-depth research to find out more about its range, frequency, and power.

The stronger those three categories are rated, the more likely you are renting a professional-grade two way radio instead of a common, free licensed walkie talkie.

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