Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic

The last few years, mobile devices have become more important to employees of healthcare facilities. As a result, healthcare facilities have been more closely involved in improving mobile compliance. Mobile monitoring is one area where the mobile industry has made some headway. However, compliance needs to be managed effectively and regularly. A new report from IDC entitled “Mobile Compliance – Can You Manage It? Experts Assess Two Significant Areas” found that only 35% of healthcare facilities currently manage their mobile compliance effectively.

In the report, the top three issues that healthcare facilities face include: Wireless Devices Not Wearing Properly, Software/ firmware Errors, and Security vulnerabilities. There are several recommendations and tools available to help facility administrators and managers to address the issues noted in the report. In this Pandemic response we will discuss some of these suggested solutions. While mobile devices need to be managed as part of a comprehensive suite of safeguards, in this article we only discuss one of the issues that should be addressed. To learn more about the other security and safety measures that should be taken for a pandemic influenza, visit the IDC website and register today.

One recommended solution to manage mobile compliance is to use mobile software to monitor mobile devices or monitor phone calls used in the workplace. While this software is available, it is expensive. Another solution is to implement systems that allow staff to report activity on mobile devices. While this may not seem like an effective solution, in the case of emergency evacuation it can save lives. The combination of these two solutions can help you build a solid and enforceable chain of command for mobile devices and can help ensure that all staff members and their supervisors take full responsibility for their mobile communications and their personal mobile devices.

Read further to know more about the best ways to effectively monitor your staff’s communication during pandemic with this infographic from Telemessage.