Need a device to perform dense scale-out data center computing:

If someone is searching for a device that can do dense scale-out data center computing then Dell PowerEdge R640 is the device. The PowerEdge R is the ideal dual-socket 1-U platform for data centre computing. The R640 is designed to maximize application performance. In R640 the user can choose which storage they want to go for either 2.5” or 3.5” drives for their data storage.  It is combined with 24 DIMM’s and out of those 24, 12 can be DCPMMs or NVDIMMs.

It has the 2nd generation Intel Xenon Scalable processor and another tailor processor will be based upon the workload. The R640 comes with new security features that guard the data. So, the owner of this device can give accurate data to their users. That is why it is recommended for enhancing security of the data.

With R640 also add VxRail E560

It is good to protect the data but the data needs to be stored somewhere and will be transferred somewhere. And for that Dell EMC VxRail E560 is the best device to use. This device is capable of doing multiple things. So, people don’t need to buy a single device for doing just single operation. This device can do compute, store, networking and virtualization resources and these all things are done in single device. So, it saves a lot of money too. The VxRail E560 is both single and dual processor-based model compatible with R640 rack server.

Always check the condition of the product

Always check the condition of such products before buying it. Because these products are expensive and don’t come easily. Slight damage can highly affect the product. So, make sure that the product is in good condition and properly checked by professionals before buying it.