Keep your priceless photos safe with the Photostick

Ask most people in the modern era what the best invention ever created was, they would probably say the camera.

Being able to look at moments gone by is absolutely priceless, especially if there are people in those pictures who are no longer here. Having the ability to pull up some snaps and remember the good times can be very therapeutic so its important to keep hold of those images and keep them safe.

There are many ways of keeping hold of photos for future references, but one of the best ways we have found is the Photostick.

What is the photostick?

In our Photostick review we found that the easiest way to describe the device was to simply say it looks very much like a standard USB pen or stick that you plug in to your PC or laptop.

A small handy gadget which has the capability to store hundreds and hundreds of photos which you can recall quickly and easily just by plugging in the device to your chosen platform.

All computer users know that a standard USB can also hold a large collection of images, but what makes the Photostick different is that it also features other coding that allows it to step apart from mainstream products usually chosen for file storage.

What’s in the coding?

Photo stick reviews will collectively tell you that the coding installed on to a photo stick has multiple functions which will not only save you time but also prove what a good investment the photo stick really is.

For starters, when you are loading new files on to your photo stick it will flash up messages to inform you that there are duplicates. Saving the same image file over and over will take up unecessary space, so the device can you help you with that. Make more room for actually new photos by telling the device to delete duplicates.

As well as flagging up duplicates you may have missed, the software integrated in to the photo stick will also organise the photos. Instead of just having all the photos jumbled up, the software will organise the photo files in such a way that you’ll be able to retrieve any photo relatively quickly compared to a usually standard USB stick.

Is it user friendly?

Absolutely. Mostly a plug in and let it go scenario, there’s only a tiny amount of work to do the first time the device is plugged in to your laptop or PC.

The simple, easy to follow set up process takes just a matter of minutes and then after that you can be up and running in seconds.

Even if you do need help, there’s plenty of support built in to the installation process plus a customer support team at the end of the phone.

How about the cost?

The pricing for the Photostick is higher than usual USBs but as an investment there’s much more there for your money.