How to Repair a Corrupt MTS File

Videos are the most common way of capturing memories. They are also the best type of entertainment and are widely used for professional purposes too. MTS videos are those which are files saved in high definition formats. MTS video files are usually generated from camcorders, especially Sony and Panasonic.

However, like all other videos and file formats, they are prone to corruption and may lead to loss of data. This could happen due to a wide range of reasons, all of which will be covered by this post. If you are worried that your MTS extension videos are at the risk of being corrupted, then read on to find out how you can resolve this issue.

How Do MTS Files Get Corrupted?

There are multiple reasons leading to the corruption of MTS files. Some of these are: 

1. Interruption during recording the MTS video file.

2. Virus or malware attack.

3. Issues with the media player used to play the video.

4. Incomplete transfer of video files from the camcorder to the system.

5. Operating system issues.

6. Improper compression of video file.

How to Prevent Data Loss Due to Corruption

There are a few ways you can prevent permanent data loss that occurs due to corruption of MTS files. These are: 

Take Video Backup

The most primary way to prevent data loss from occurring is by taking frequent backups of your video files. By doing this, you will not need to worry if a version of the video file gets corrupted as you can restore the backed-up version. 

Download Anti-Virus Software

One of the most common reasons behind corrupted MTS files is the presence of virus in your system. To prevent virus and malware attacks, it is advisable that you download a reliable anti-virus software so that you can prevent corruption that is caused by virus. 

Opt For Authorised Recovery Service Providers

In case your files are already corrupted, you can still opt for MTS file repair in order to recover your lost files. However, it is recommended that you opt for a recognised and authorised data recovery professional like Stellar Data Recovery to do the job for you.

Avoid Common Mistakes

There are a few mistakes you could be making at the time of recording and transferring your videos. When your camera battery is running low, avoid continuing to shoot videos. Instead, charge your camera immediately. Similarly, when transferring video files from the camera to the system, do not cause interruptions in between, such as switching off the camera, running multiple applications simultaneously or ejecting the camera from the system connection.

Using Professional Assistance

The best way to repair a corrupt
MTS video files
is to use an authorized software for MTS recovery. Stellar Repair for Video Software is an advanced and powerful software that can repair all kinds of corrupted videos regardless of the extent of damage. Further, it can
not only repair multiple videos at once, but it also has an advanced repair feature that can fix severely corrupted files. 

You can start by downloading the trial version of the video recovery software for the stellar website. The software will scan and preview the videos requiring repair on your system. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can proceed with purchasing the software. With just three clicks, you can get your videos back in perfect condition. All you need to do is Add, Repair, and Save. 

In Summary

Videos are precious forms of media that can be stored endlessly in digital forms. Losing a video can be quite difficult
to deal with as this could lead to the loss of a memory. However, if you have a corrupt MTS file, you don’t need to worry about data loss. The video repair Software will be able to retrieve everything at the comfort of your home. Further, with Stellar’s 30-day money back guarantee, you won’t face any hassles!

Stellar Data Recovery has been the pioneer of data recovery software and services over the last 25 years. Having served millions of clients and gained immense experience, Stellar has now become the one stop solution for data recovery needs. So, the next time you need help with your MTS file recovery, remember that Stellar has the most advanced and easy to use video repair software that is just one click away!