How To Offer Remote IT Solutions 

Technical problems occur. Computer failures, system crashes, and device failures can paralyze a company. Instead of coming in person, with the investment of time and expenses, IT experts prefer to use TeamViewer ™ to provide immediate remote support to their customers, wherever they are and at all times. Securely connect to remote computers like Dell PowerEdge T140, access files and applications and solve problems, when your employees and customers need it most.

How Can TeamViewer Remote Support Tools Help You?

  • IT support service providers, and business technical support technicians rely on TeamViewer for remote support to:
  • offer assistance to employees who work from home, personnel located in other subsidiaries, customers or partners and business travellers;
  • save time and reduce travel expenses, service visits and maintenance tasks;
  • reduce the risk of transport damage in equipment sent to repair shops;
  • improve resolution rates during the first visit.
  • With the free version of TeamViewer for non-commercial use, you can lend a hand to your parents, grandparents and friends with your computer problems. 

Solve IT Problems Remotely And Without Stress

Install the software before the technical support call. Open the firewall ports. Say where they have to click. Configure computers and routers. You should not have to overcome a lot of obstacles to provide remote support to your users and their Dell PowerEdge T440. You must be able to focus only on resolving the IT support request. Quickly. Without setbacks. Safely.

With the TeamViewer remote support platform, you can connect to the computers of your employees and customers at the time they need help.

  • No software preinstalled or managed by IT is required to receive remote support
  • No need for users receiving technical assistance to follow complicated steps
  • No need for VPN
  • Without configuring ports
  • No firewall problems

Ask your customers or employees to click on the TeamViewer QuickSupport link to install the application on their computers. And that’s it. They can now receive remote support.