How To Appear On Google’s First Page

For your business to be seen and you can get more customers, it’s critical that you know how to appear on the first page of Google.

Many people get lost when it comes to appearing on the first page of Google, but there’s nothing to fear. It is much simpler than it appears to learn how to appear on the first page of Google.

Initially, it’s essential for you to know that Google sets out some guidelines for site placement.

·         Site Name

Although not as important as some time ago, the site name still has high relevance. A name that lets the reader know what your site is talking about is of fundamental importance for you to get more hits and consequently a better position in Google’s rankings.

Also, trying to choose short names is of fundamental importance since it is recommended that the slug (article link) be easy to read, typing and short.

·         Short Links

A quick, easy-to-understand link also makes it easy for the reader to remember the name of your site, which in some cases may be of utmost importance.

Also, there is something that goes far beyond the name of the website, and that can make the website name insignificant.

Content is what makes your site unique, and when we’re talking about how it appears on Google first page (More info which is the term in thai), it makes the total difference. This is because Google, in addition to evaluating the technical characteristics of your article, seeks to deliver the best results to users.

That means that it does not make sense of having a website with a cool name, a short slug, and meeting Google’s requirements if it does not have good content.

·         Keywords

When you search something on Google, most likely, you use the so-called “keywords.” But what would they be? The keywords are nothing more than the main words of what you are looking for.

It is through them that you find the content and sites of interest to you through Google search.

It is also through them that your readers will find your site.