Google – it’s time for all Android icons to have the same shape


It is very evident that, from Android Lollipop, the design of Android has changed, incorporating the standards of Material Design, which have made the aesthetic section of the operating system has evolved into a much more minimalist and mature state. And this is something that the operating system really needed.

However, the design of the Android interface still has some aspects to be polished, and if Android really wants to deal with iOS in the field of design, there is one more front in which to fight: icons. And is that, although these are increasingly worked in many applications, remain the pending subject of Android.

Android icons should have the same shape

If you have a mobile with pure Android, you know perfectly that the icons of your applications are quite different, both in form and design, and this is something that does not do any good to the aesthetic aspect of Android. In fact, Google itself has been working on improving the icons of their applications, and this is a sign.

True, it is not necessary for everyone to have the same shape to make their appearance more beautiful, simply to follow the same design patterns. To this day it seems inconceivable to me that the icon of an application can be twice as big as the icon of another, or that some icons can be designed according to the design patterns of Material Design and others not.

And it is that Google should start to impose order in this sense, since users do not have to have to walk unloading a launcher and icon packs to make our mobile look more beautiful, but this should be this way. Keeping the possibility of customization, of course.


If you look at other layers of customization like MIUI or EMUI, you can see how they unify the shape of the icons, so that although the design is not similar, its shape is. Yes, we know that in many reviews simple icons appear with the white background and the normal icon inside, but this is not normal.

One of the good points of having all the icons have the same shape is, for example, the feeling of having a more unified operating system. Therefore, it would not hurt that Google began to impose certain requirements on developers about icons. We do not ask that Android be converted to iOS, or that the application box is eliminated, but, like the developers are demanded requirements in the design of the applications, they are required the same in the icons.

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