Get the best customer support with Pure VPN

PureVPN is legally located in Hong Kong. In other words, it is subject to the laws of Hong Kong. Its desktop app is easy to use, yet so simple. There is a kill switch, but no other VPN functionality is worth mentioning. This means there is no split tunnelling and port forwarding incurs additional charges.

We are very happy that PureVPN can log downloads from nearby servers, which have recently been significantly improved. The biggest draw is the abundance of 6,500 servers in 140 countries. It’s a truly impressive network, but PureVPN has gone down again due to seed download restrictions and usage restrictions on streaming media.

PureVPN Customer Support

PureVPN offers 24/7 live chat support. You can speak to your agent anytime, 7 days a week. Even if they are not the most knowledgeable, we still see them as polite and well behaved. But if you have a simple problem, of course, you can solve it.

That’s not a problem as PureVPN takes care of more complex issues with our comprehensive online guide. The selection of these online resources is absolutely huge – it’s amazing and awesome. There are hundreds of walkthroughs for every platform and process imaginable. With so much material, it is almost impossible to run into any unresolved issues (photos are attached to guide you).

Platforms and devices Supported by PureVPN

PureVPN can deliver apps to the devices you want to cover. Whether you’re using a Windows PC or Mac, iPhone or Android, there’s a dedicated and up-to-date PureVPN app. Perhaps the most impressive is the PureVPN DD-WRT router applet. Few VPNs have a suitable router app, and PureVPN is one of them. After installation, you can access the main GUI from your router’s login page. On this page, you can select a server and activate various additional features.

Applets are not available on other types of routers, but PureVPN has very detailed installation instructions suitable for many makes and models. For Linux users, you might be disappointed. PureVPN offers installations of all the most popular distributions, but they all work via the command line. It’s ugly and convenient, but it lacks key features like DNS leak protection. If you only care about Linux, then don’t use PureVPN.

Nothing special, but easy to navigate. You can connect to any server by pressing any button. Of course, PureVPN doesn’t block all streaming media libraries, but if you’re happy with the options available, it’s a good choice.