First impressions of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda

Tomorrow finally will have available officially Mass Effect: Andromeda , and see if the new galaxy promised by BioWare is worth. Our first impressions are quite positive. Pretending to be a blur and new account with respect to the original trilogy, the truth is that the new chapter of the franchise keeps more similarities than it appears.

Although Shepard and the Ryder brothers are very different, both are forced into a situation for which they were unprepared and with a huge responsibility . The commander was not only the first human Specter, but then had to lead the fight against the threat of the Reapers. The pair of twins is quite similar, since soon after beginning they have to assume the role of pioneer and ensure the survival of the entire Human Ark as they face a new alien threat.

Mass Effect: Andromeda plunges us into action almost from the start . Once we awoke from the cryogenic dream, we found that the world we hoped to colonize does not look anything livable, contrary to all the indications of its prognoses that marked it as a paradisiacal tropical world. Not only that, the ship crashes against a wave of miasma that is about to end the Ark.

Teaming up with Alec Ryder, the father of the protagonists and initial pioneer, we went to investigate the planet that will function as prologue and tutorial. Here we will have our first encounter with the Kett, our new nemesis , and that make it very clear that we are not welcome in the galaxy.

Without going into details, we will have partial success in our exploration but with some bad consequences that will make us end up as the new pioneer and a lot of unanswered questions.

Once we are back in the Ark, we will arrive at the Nexus , which will function as the equivalent of the Citadel of previous deliveries. Here we will have our first side missions and meet the leaders of the Andromeda Initiative.

There also awaits us the Tempest, our new spaceship, and with which we can freely explore all that the galaxy can offer us. From here, is when the game really begins after what would be about two hours and where the followers of the saga will be able to become comfortable.

The navigation through the Nexus and Tempest is practically the same as what we have seen in this type of locations in previous deliveries, going from one area to another talking to whom we have to talk to solve missions or find new clues, but with a notable improvement : The new system of dialogues.

As BioWare had already advanced, the new mechanics for the talks are a step forward with respect to the bipartite system between virtue and rebellion. Now we have four tones to express ourselves , which will help us to converse more naturally and according to how we want to respond; These four variants are: emotional, logical, informal and professional.

The new system makes it easier to have more interesting talks but it is not perfect either. It accuses the problem that had Fallout 4 , and is that we do not know what we are going to say exactly, having a word or phrase made as a guide for each type of response, and it is inevitable that sometimes what we say does not agree with what we wanted to say .

However, it is to be thankful that this repercusses later on some phrases of Ryder and the like the others see it . For example, if we use informal tone often, they will say that we like to joke all the time and try to iron out everything. It is a way of personalizing the character of the protagonist who feels very good.

Another of the things we will be constantly doing is scanning with our omni-tool. It will be the equivalent of the detective mode so to speak highlighting the objects with which we can interact or highlighting clues. We will also use it to catalog any plant, technology or fauna that we find, which will reward us with research points that we can use to develop and improve new equipment.

But the great protagonist of the game is the planetary exploration, and the truth is that it hooks . Many of the Nexus’s secondary missions will make us visit the planets for clues or new steps within their mini-misses, which along with the transit of the place, the fighting with the Keth and lots and lots of documents dedicated to the background of these places, We can have entertained dozens of hours.

Once on land, we will have to be attentive to the conditions of the place. The first planet we visited for example, is a desert world with radioactive zones that can become lethal very quickly.

To get around we can use the Nomad , the new land vehicle, and whose driving is very satisfactory. We can change your mode of travel between all-terrain and open-field, depending on where we are going, needing the first option to climb steep slopes or irregular terrain. We will also have a propellant to get an extra momentary boost and the possibility of executing a jump to overcome obstacles. The handling is very comfortable and will make us enjoy the driving.

Entering into another of the fundamental aspects, the combat has also improved a lot . Because we have the freedom to choose the powers we want between the branches of combat, biotics and technology, we have a lot of options to deal with each situation. We can have assets three skills to use through fast access, and we can change at any time, allowing us to adapt to any situation.

The old class system has been re-named in the so-called profiles . As we level up and we invest points in each branch, we will unlock the old classes like Centinela, Engineer or Vanguard, and that in selecting them, we will grant passive bonuses that will enhance our style of play. These profiles can also be changed at any time, so do not be afraid to experiment. And in fact, in the laboratory of the Tempest, there is a terminal where we can reset all our points or those of our partners to distribute them again as we want.

But I’m going through the branches, we were talking about combat. I have to say that BioWare has done a fantastic job with it. The mobility we have now completely changes the combative experience that had the series , since now we can run, execute a quick dodge maneuver with the drivers of our suit, or his jetpack to raise us to the heights and get better lines threw. Playing with the verticality of the scenarios completely changes these shootings, allowing us to play with the strategic positioning of the place and use it to our benefit.

However, if there is a great, but we can not pause the action to give orders to our partners . We will have only two quick keys to mark a point where we want them to position themselves, leaving the rest of the combative decisions in the hands of the AI, and although it does not perform poorly, is not always perfect, and depending on the situation, we may have to Be behind them constantly to revive them. An option to customize your priorities in combat or a simple command system would have been very welcome, since the shootings in Andromeda can be very hard.

As far as the colonization of planets, we will have to carry out actions to increase their viability , which we will do mainly through mysterious alien monoliths scattered around the worlds, where we will have to solve various puzzles and challenges to access their secrets And cameras full of succulent rewards.

Once we meet a certain quota, we can start waking the settlers cryogenic dream to begin to deploy them in the settlements that we will create on the planets. We will have to decide which settlers we want to wake up, from engineers to military personnel, although the truth is that this decision only impacts on the resources that will be granted.

And speaking of resources , we will have access to a system of creation of objects quite extensive , although somewhat inefficient to use. In order to create something, we must have invested research points in its development or have found its schematic plans, then, we will only need the necessary materials.

All the guns now have holes to add personalization elements, from cylinder heads to cushion their recoil and get better precision, bayonets for the melee or different types of sights.

However, it is made of less an option that allows us to equip these creations immediately , having to go to our box office to be able to change it. At an older, creating system menus can also get a little tedious, having to navigate through a bunch of windows to confirm that we want to create something.

But while for the team and build section is manageable, the user interface for the missions can be a headache . All the tasks are distributed somewhere in our diary and there is no tab dedicated to the missions that we currently have, but these will be distributed among different sections of history, allies, locations and other descriptive, that make locate a specific mission Can become challenging. And although the map shows the icons that warn us that in this area there is an objective of some of our tasks, we will have to manually select it on that map to know what it is or rather try to remember that it was, Because the number of charges of Mass Effect:

Following with the characters, the crew of the Tempest and all the individuals that we encounter with Ryder are the great protagonists of this history . The argument itself is quite simple, but the “chicha” of the game is in how the participants in this story behave according to the situation, as they offer their opinion and verbally colliding with those who disagree. Many of the conversations are the most interesting part of the game, and the like their views can create tension with others, which helps make them more believable.

However, it is impossible not to speak of this without mentioning the interpretation and the controversial expressions that the title has shown . Although the group of players remains at a good level, many of the NPCs we talk to are not so consistent and on more than one occasion they sound artificial, almost robotic. It does not help that their faces have exaggerated expressions with their eyes wide open and with their eyes on infinity or their mouths sometimes have smiles that would make the Joker proud.

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