Control the air conditioning of your house through Wi-Fi thanks to Climair


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and soon we will enter an era in which everything will be connected to each other. With the arrival of intelligent and autonomous cars and the arrival of the Internet of Things we can control any electronic device of our home from the palm of our hand, with our smartphone.

But until that time comes, there are still a few years left. Currently, we have few items connected, so we will continue with the traditional method in most of our appliances. But not all, because we can control our air conditioning from the phone.

And it is not that the future has arrived already, but almost. Thanks to Climair, a hand-held air conditioner, we can connect our air conditioner to the Wi-Fi network and control it from the mobile. Did you get smothered from the street and would you like your house to be cool? With this little gadget you can light the air before arriving.

Climair works with a wide range of brands (you can consult the complete listing on its website) and anyone can configure it comfortably in less than 5 minutes. For this we will only have to follow step by step the instructions that the company provides us through its application Novo Go, available in both Android and iOS.

From this app we can also set a timer, turn on or off the air conditioning, control consumption or set a maximum / minimum ambient temperature, which will allow us to save a few euros on the light bill and enjoy our arrival home more pleasant.

If you are convinced by the idea and prefer to use the phone rather than be looking all day for the blessed remote control, surely you are interested to know that this air conditioning controller for Wi-Fi Climair is currently on sale at launch. For a short time your starting price is 99 euros, but by exchanging the ANDRO4ALL code you will get 10 euros more discount.

If you are really interested, do not think about it, because this offer will not last long and the air conditioning controller Climair will return to its original price of 150 euros. Hurry up!

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