Call Of Duty: Warzone – Play Zones and Vehicles!

PC games are best, but the amazing graphics and thrill that you will you get into the COD: Warzone will definitely make you crazy. It’s amazing and superb features will automatically seek your attention because this game is related to teamwork, weapons, armor, bullets, vehicles, Play zones and many other items that players equip during the game. Warzone hacks that you can easily get online will allow you to remove visual hurdles such as, Smoke, Sway, Fog and Recoil that is becoming common issue. 

Play zones!

If we talk about the COD warzone play zones then they are mostly surrounded by the toxic gas that bypasses armor plates and also reduce the health of the player quickly. Basically, to become invincible to the gas for a certain time, players mostly need to use the gas mask into the Supply boxes randomly within the map and also can buy one from a buy station. Basically, the Gas Mask can be possible to protect players from the gas for 10 seconds. It depends on the phases and the game mostly kills a player within 15 seconds.  

What about vehicles?

In the game, you will find various kinds of vehicles into the COD warzone game, you it would be best for you to use various kinds of vehicle according to your choice that are completely secure for you. Instead off this, you will find 5 various vehicles in the both in the Battle royale and plunder mode such as-

  1. ATV that is best for 1 driver and 1 passenger 
  2. SUV that can equip 1 driver and 3 passengers 
  3. Heli that is a vehicle which can run by 1 pilot and 4 passengers 
  4. Cargo Truck that can be hold by 1 driver and 4 passengers 
  5. Tac Rover which 1 driver can run and 3 passengers can easily equip into it. 

Moreover, we have already mentioned some dedicated vehicles that you can easily run into the map of the Warzone, so it would be really beneficial to get out from the toxic gas when it is already taking your too much health outside of the play zone. 

A tip – Never give up at outside the play zone!

It is very common that players stuck outside the play zone, where they face huge health consumption, so they get nervous and died in the zone that is completely hell. Well, you should simply start using the gas mask perfectly and it will allow you to have proper outcomes. However, if you think you are still facing problem of lower health then it would be fine to choose the option of health kits, so open up your supply kit for getting the health. 

Progression and Crossplay!

In the game, you will get the crossplay across console and the PC. Even both games feature an unfired progression system and entire items unlocked in the Modern Warfare that will automatically carry over in the Warzone and also vice versa.