An Electronic Personal Organizer – Why You Should Have One?

An electronic personal organizer is the answer to the modern-day problem of keeping track of things in today’s fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle. Before the turn of the 21st century, a day-timer or leather-bound organizer is all a business executive had, and without it, would be utterly lost. Today, with the help of new technological developments and the widespread use of computers, paper-type organizers have been have been put aside in favor of electronic personal organizers.

Early versions of these electronic personal organizers had features like an address book, pocket calculator and a calendar. The electronic organizer, being pocket-sized, was more portable compared to the traditional organizer, which made the former more convenient.

Now, electronic organizers are available in all sorts of sizes and have many functions and capabilities. Cheaper electronic organizers are smaller in size, or have less functions. High-end electronic personal organizers are built like mini-computers, with a memory storage large enough to accommodate huge files and loads of data. The HP iPAQ 111 (Hewlett Packard) and Palm Tungsten Handheld are just two examples of the many models and brands of electronic organizers. The two are both equipped with Bluetooth technology, WiFi capacity, as well as the capability to create Word and Excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, photo sharing and music streaming. PDA is the term used to call high-end electronic organizers.

The ability to synchronize information with a personal computer is considered as one of the most important capabilities of an electronic personal organizer. This ability allows the electronic personal organizer to connect easily with any computer, and thereby can update all schedules, files, and other data stored in the organizer quickly. Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and other programs can be synchronized from the organizer to the computer and vice-versa.

For a business person, an electronic organizer is somewhat like a personal assistant. The electronic organizer makes it easy to keep track of appointments, meetings and to-do lists. It is an important tool for busy individuals to manage time effectively. An electronic personal organizer shines when it comes to systemizing, planning, setting one’s goals as well as tracking down one’s progress towards the completion of their goals. Aside from business, it is also an important tool for goal setting and organizing in terms of personal development.

Almost all electronic organizers can perform mathematical equations because the calculator feature is available in both low-priced and high-end models and brands. The Sharp Wizard OZ -590A is an example of the more low-priced electronic organizer. It includes many basic functions minus a color display and other additional features usually found in high-end and more expensive organizers. The Sharp Wizard comes with an address book, calculator, a to-do list, a Spanish-English translator and an alarm function. It has a memory capacity of 8MB and can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.