A look at photo editing techniques for a different level of users

Photo editing is a tool to eliminate the faults from the photos. It is an important part of the photography process. Editing refines the images captured by the photographer to bring out its best possible look. You can use photo lemur or any other editing application for editing pictures.

Image editing techniques for beginner level

  • Image sharpening: One of the defects of photography is the out-of-focus picture that is being captured. You can easily sharpen the image by using a smart sharpen filter and unsharp mask. It sharpens the elements of the picture that seems out-of-focus.
  • Black & white conversion: There are certain photos that you give the vibe that it will look good in black & white. You can easily convert the colorful picture into greyscale using the channel mixer or by using a black & white adjustment layer.
  • Background changing: This is one of the most common problems in photography wherein the subject looks appealing while the background looks dull and boring. This problem can be easily solved with the help of background removal.

Image editing techniques for intermediate level

  • Zoom blurring: This is a technique that photographers use to create a zoom blur. This is generally done by manually zooming the lens in quick succession while clicking photos. However, it is difficult to get the right effect. Editing software offers a tool to zoom blur the images easily.
  • Dodging and burning: The dodge tool is used make photo lighter while the burn tool is used to make certain areas of photo darker. Dodge and burn allow you to create a rich and moody atmosphere in photos.
  • HDR conversion: HDR conversion is generally used in movies or specialty photography. You can click pictures of subject at different exposures and then merge them to create HDR effect.