5 Reasons Nigerian Are Online More Than Ever

Nigerians love the internet, especially YouTube. Just have a glimpse at the ever-growing numbers of Nigerian YouTubers! The statistics will astonish you. With improved internet access, Nigerians are spending an impressive amount of time online. But why? 

  1. Boosts Fame and Reach

Social media platforms are fun and mostly free. You don’t have to pay for getting any social media account. If you plan to start a business, especially an online business, this is a boon. By using online platforms more, you can expand your reach, make yourself popular. Other than this, one can post videos, photos, posts, or stream online to become a famous social media Influencer. Posting contents online is an easy way to get popular, and who doesn’t like fame?

  1. Income From Videos

Yes, non-celebrity people do earn from videos, mostly YouTube videos; it’s called YouTube monetization. It is one of the main benefits that attract people to become YouTubers. Technically speaking, it’s Google AdSense, a Google-provided platform that pays you, not YouTube (though Google owns it!). If one can earn as much money that he/she makes at a conventional job by staying online, online is good.

  1. Sell Market Affiliated Products

Affiliate marketing is rising on various social media platforms, especially YouTube. This special type of marketing means selling products for a commission. Many do it along with their conventional job; some do it online, through videos, in the safety of their houses. In places with unsafe surroundings, marketing products online is easy, safe, and beneficial.

  1. Sell Merchandise

Yes, one of the ever-growing reasons why so many Nigerians prefer to stay online more and more is to sell their merchandise and grow their business by implementing eCommerce. Everyone has access to the internet and data; anyone can see their merch without traveling anywhere. An influencer can advertise his/her merch on their videos or posts or directly sell them at eCommerce platforms. People automatically trust the merch of trusted YouTubers or social media Influencers, and this trust boosts the business.

  1. Get Sponsorships

If you study the video content of most of the successful Nigerian YouTubers, you’ll find the crazy amount of brand sponsorships and shout outs they do in their videos. Brands know the power and reach of a social media Influencer and hence provide them sponsorships to advertise their brand products. With the emergence of better data packs and internet access, people can now safely earn money from YouTube ad revenue and these sponsorships by staying online and uploading quality videos.