4 Reasons why the iPhone is Better than Android

We have nothing against androids, in fact, some of these phones offer great features and commendable performance, yet there are few things, which truly set iPhones apart. The very phrase ‘Once an iPhone user, always an iPhone user’ bears testimony to the same.

Be it iPhone 6s Plus (ไอโฟน 6s Plus, which is the term in Thai) or the latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, each one variant is comprehensive and one of its kind. Also, the seamless connectivity of the Apple phones with other Apple devices like Mac book or Apple watch, give them a definite edge- The exclusivity factor cannot be breached by an Android.

Here are more reasons why iPhones rule the roost.

  1. Faster Performance: The latest iPhone models have a built-in A12 Bionic chip, which can easily beat the bests from the android genre. For instance, in Geekbench 4, iPhoneXS overpowers the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in performance statistics.

Apart from this, as per the various editing tests conducted, iPhones have fared far better in video conversion as compared to their android counterparts.

In order to experience photorealistic apps, speed is paramount- With the speed of iPhones, you can enjoy them seamlessly.

  1. Enhanced hardware and Software integration: Apple certainly has an unmatched competency in the field of widgets. The company is known to set the benchmarks and what follows, is a desperate effort to match up to the standards set.

The most recent example is the unique Face ID feature, which allows you to access the phone on the basis of your 3D facial scan. Animoji and Memoji- the 3D features available in iPhone X and above are great examples of the seamless working and integration of the Apple hardware and software.

  1. Simple and Intuitive GUI: If you have used an iPhone, you’ll agree that it is the simplest and easiest phone available out there.

In fact, since its inception in the year 2007, there has not been much change in the look and feel of an iPhone. It certainly doesn’t mean that there have been no advancements, yet despite many feature additions, Apple has maintained the element of intuitiveness and simplicity through its operations.

  1. No carrier Software: Do you know the most annoying part about the Android? It’s the unnecessary carrier bloatware that comes preloaded with the device! Though Samsung has tried to control the problem to some extent by packing them all in one folder, however, they are still there.

You’ll never find such a nuisance in an Apple phone though.

With so many advantages to their credit, iPhones are truly unmatchable with no competition at all.